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Project Managament

  • Project Organisation and Co
  • Ordination
  • Contract Management
  • Parcel Disaggregation
  • Architecture
  • Administrative Licence
  • Planning and Building Co-Ordination
  • Accompanied Inspection

Overall Planning

  • Architects Planning
  • Static and Constructional Processing
  • House and Electrical Planning
  • Consultation of the construction physics
  • Land and water technical planning
  • Local construction inspection
  • Turnkey ready development

Real Estate

  • Buying, Selling & Renting
  • Intervention of Real Estate
  • Calculation of Earning Power
  • Appraisal Advise
  • Property Management
  • Independant Legal Advise
  • Property Maintenance
  • Home Management
  • Inspection Trips
  • Individual Design & Build Service

We are pleased to offer all of these services to our clients and believe that our company can provides the best customer service and satisfaction.

Please do not hesistate to contact us if you would like further information on any of our services.

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